River Garden


Just down the bluff from Memphis Park, Mississippi River Park is located directly on the riverfront and Wolf River Harbor. As part of the Riverwalk, this park has the opportunity to be a key activation point and connector between the riverfront’s many amenities, as well as to downtown.

Play for the entire community

With the river as its namesake, the park will emphasize environmental stewardship of the Mississippi River and physical connections to the riverfront. It will be the place to come and play with a focus on active outdoor recreation, physical fitness, and social activities.

Design improvements and enhanced connections, including landscaping improvements, new wayfinding signage, and street crossing redesign, will set the stage for Mississippi River Park’s next incarnation. These improvements and connections will be created with long term sustainability in mind, working to preserve the natural beauty of Memphis’ riverfront parks and making them accessible via biking, walking, and transit.

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