Go Fourth.


The Fourth Bluff Project is part of a larger national initiative: Reimagining the Civic Commons.

This initiative seeks to revitalize and connect public spaces— such as parks, plazas, trails and libraries— to bring together people from different backgrounds, as a means to counter the economic and social issues in American cities. This project represents a truly unprecedented collaboration of organizations and partners who are jointly invested in the future of downtown and the riverfront.

We believe that when people are more connected to their city, they are more connected to each other, and that communities become safer, stronger, and healthier as a result. Everything being done at the Fourth Bluff is focused on this belief. It will be a beautiful stage for community-driven programming and a well-designed space to enjoy no matter the occasion.

The Fourth Bluff is where Memphis originated and these places belong to Memphians. This is your city and your bluff.

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The Fourth Bluff project will prioritize better connectivity between the riverfront and downtown. This includes the physical connections between the park and library atop the bluff along The RiverLine Trail Riverwalk improvements will be made from Big River Crossing at the Harahan Bridge to Greenbelt Park, including wayfinding signage and trail improvements.


What's Next

There is always something popping up on The Fourth Bluff. Check back regularly for updates.